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Welcome to the YSC Alumni Directory. The purpose of this website is to facilitate meaningful and helpful connections among alumni and between alumni and students. A key component of YSC's mission is to send Yalies into the world who are kingdom-minded and vision-driven followers of Jesus. We hope this website will be able to contribute in that direction.

If you are an alum and would like to be a resource, go ahead and fill out your profile information. The website will allow registered users to make initial contact with any listed alumni users. If and how you choose to respond is totally up to you. In order to protect your privacy, we will not list your full last name, and no one's personal contact information (including email address) will be available. If you register, you will also be able to send messages to other alum.

If you are a student, just register and feel free to contact alumni, keeping in mind the heart behind the website. Thanks for connecting!

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